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Effective due diligence is built on robust, integrated and digital risk identification, prevention and management processes. QIMA can help.

What is mandatory due diligence?  

With an overwhelming number of new legislations, it has become essential for companies to adopt human rights and environmental strategies from voluntary business-led initiatives to mandatory environmental and human rights due diligence in supply chains.

Building your due diligence framework requires a robust risk-based approach considering different requirements, material issues and the entire value chain. Mandatory due diligence can focus on human rights exclusively, include environment, focus on climate change or forced labor, or aim to increase traceability of products or commodities.

Managing due diligence effectively is today’s license to operate

Mandatory due diligence is about creating a level-playing field, driving accountability, salient risks, providing remedy and public disclosure.

Building and maintaining your due diligence strategy is key in identifying, mitigating, preventing and managing risk. Mandatory due diligence extends the scope deep into your supply chain, from tracking raw materials from the source to reaching retail shelves. 

To stay ahead of mandatory due diligence, it is important to engage with stakeholders and rights holders and understand the linkages between human rights, the environment and governance. 

How can QIMA help?

QIMA supports you in this journey, whether if you are starting out or are looking for support on a specific due diligence activity.

  • Toolkits and training: develop and implement your ESG and Due Diligence strategy
  • Supply Chain Mapping: create visibility in the supply chain by mapping beyond tier 1 suppliers using our supply chain self-assessment questionnaires (SAQ)
  • Risk assessment: identify and reduce ESG risk with QIMA’s comprehensive Risk Dashboards
  • Traceability services: track and ensure authenticity of raw materials with PO-by-PO mapping, traceability audits, DNA marker tracing and isotope provenance testing
  • ESG and Due Diligence audits: ensure responsible business practices with environmental and chemical audits as well as ethical audits including human rights and forced labor, structural and fire safety
  • Grievance Mechanism: make your audit more worker centric by integrating worker surveys and ensure access to remedy by implementing worker hotline and remediation activities

Contact us to discover how we can help your business meet the increasing ESG and due diligence requirements.

Collaborating to make a difference

Ensuring compliance and due diligence takes continuous effort and can only be done by working collaboratively. QIMA participates in the United Nations Global Compact initiative and partners with key industry players to work towards safe and transparent supply chains.

QIMA benefits

  • Custom compliance dashboard to assess real-time supplier performance, track progress and visualize your supply network
  • Data downloads to map against reporting standards to support companies’ communication strategies
  • In-depth local knowledgewith auditors attuned to the culture, laws and practices of their region
  • Our experts receive regular training on regulations and best practice
  • Global coverageacross 95 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America
  • Continuous improvement approach drives long-term change and empowers suppliers to act
  • Online program management book audits, make payments and download detailed reports.

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